Citymark Introduction

Citymark Introduction

Ten years for a city and hundred years for a metropolis Founded in 2010, Citymark Real Estate has gradually become an integrated property developer nationwide starting from Shenzhen Special Zone where we are rooted. With the vision of ten years for a city and hundred years for a metropolis, we try our best to build the urban landmark and top property. For each building we built, we constantly ask for a combination of humanized design with space aesthetics together with a slogan of quality first and building with heart. To bring more changes to the city, we advocate a better life of people-oriented.

Dress up the city with multi-format strategy We, Citymark Real Estate, never stop developing complexes to create a 3D city co-existing with diversified developments through a large number of land banking and best property resources we have and a complex development and operation system we make. Based on Shenzhen, we build in the core region in cities throughout the whole nation. We have ten more development projects, including luxury homes, well-known enterprises, industrial complex, exclusive office buildings and upscale brand hotels. We drive the dynamic life in the city to lead an everlasting harmonious coexistence of city, industry and people.

  • Estate Development

  • Urban Renewal

  • Property Management

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